Our Story

Corscent believes in making every place beautiful regardless of its design, shape, colour or size. It may be your home, living room, bedroom, office space, cabin or any place which is important to you or for any person who deserves your care and affection. Our designer collections are inspired by distant travels and after seeing the world, which allows us to deliver the perfect combination of modern and classic elements that uplift the sophistication and luxury of your home and office.

We are a group of elite art lovers who are on a mission to decorate every home and make it look beautiful. We work tirelessly to enhance the overall presentation of your loved spaces so that they project positivity to anyone who visits. Our products also help relieve you from day to day stress and also impact your temperament and mood changing all negativity into a vibe that helps you be in your zone.

What we do?

Being Art Lovers is not easy. It is a great reponsibility as it needs you to match two worlds- one of the maker and the other of the patron. Both the world's are incomplete without each other yet it's rare that both meet at an equal level. We are India's most thoughtful artisan craft selling online platform that allows the patron buyer to demand what he likes whole the artisan delivers what is being demanded.

How we work?

We are a team of enthusiastic professionals who bear expertise in various business elements like Resourcing, Sorting, Market Trend Analysis, Pricing, Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Delivery. Our dedicated HR has a great mix of experienced professionals who ensure supreme quality customer interface on the website and our team of professional photographers highlight only what is true.

What can you expect?

Being India's largest Home Decoration Brand, we take it for ourselves a responsibility to deliver only the best to our clients.
You can expect the widest range of decoration items, figurines, statues in the best possible colours,.designs, shades and postures. You can expect highest quality products with no post buy stress. You can expect a harmonious sales team support and a wonderful delivery system.